• How do I clean my jewellery? 

There are different ways to clean the silver jewellery.

You can make a thick paste of bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and rub this lightly over the silver. This will remove any oxide from the silver. 

Or you can use a silver polishing cloth such as Goddard's and this will remove any tarnish.

I have also used a silver dip such as Goddard's and this works as well.

Either method is effective and neither method will not affect the resin.

  • Can I order the same design but change the colour choice?

Yes absolutely! There is a range of 21 colours to choose from but the best idea is to contact Sarah via this site and she can help with a choice of combinations.
  • Can I purchase 1 earring rather than a pair? 
Yes if you would like 1 single earring rather than a pair then please contact me and we can arrange this.