• My jewellery is designed to be clear, simple and elegant.
  • Alongside the shapes, colours are vital to my work.
  • There are currently 22 colours available.
  • However, depending on the device used to view my website, the colours may not look as they do in reality.
  • To help you choose I have tried to align my colours with the Pantone Matching System
  • They are not perfect matches but give you an idea of the shade. 
  • Also to bear in mind, each batch of resin I create may be very slightly different!
Jewellery colour Pantone colour
Red Racing Red
Orange Oriole
Sunbeam yellow Cyber Yellow
Light gold Winter White
Dark gold Autumn Blaze
Mint green Ice Green
Emerald green Alhambra
Pistachio Jasmine Green - (close but brighter!)
Olive Salted Lime
Turquoise Blue Radiance
Bright blue Princess Blue
Baby blue Atomizer
Navy Beacon Blue
Purple Purple Magic
Magenta Fuchsia Fedora - (close but pinker!)
Baby pink Bonbon
Apricot Peach Pearl
Bronze Sorrel Horse - with a hint of sparkle
Black shimmer Black with a hint of shimmer
White shimmer White with a hint of shimmer
Slate grey Quarry - with a shimmer